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Frequently asked questions

SSP requires 2 pieces: SSP Wallet and SSP Key. SSP Wallet is a chrome extension, SSP Key is a mobile application. Both are required to use SSP. You can download them from the download page. Check out the Guide for more details.

Please reach out to our support team or follow up on github! SSP is entirely open source and we welcome contributions.

If SSP is still installed on your device, you can find your seed phrase in SSP Details. If you lost your seed phrase and SSP is not installed on your device, there is no way to recover your wallet. SSP requires 2 independent seed phrases to operate - one for SSP Wallet and one for SSP Key. Please make sure to keep both of your seed phrases safe and secure.

Good news! We are actively working on expanding SSP Wallet to mobile. You can expect to see it in the coming months.

You can use as many devices as you wish. Simply Restore your Wallet or Key with corresponding seed phrase.

SSP uses strong encryption that is unique per device. If you are switching devices, you will need to restore your wallet or key with corresponding seed phrase. That is also the case for traveling, swapping of computer copmonents, changing timezone, resolutions or any critical system settings. Strong encryption prevents any form of copying SSP data to another machine unlike other wallets. This prevents any kind of hacker attempts of stealing SSP data from your machine. Dual signature and device specific encryption makes SSP the most secure wallet on the market.

SSP Relay is an open source relay between your SSP Wallet and SSP Key. It provides market information, blockchain fees information, allows seamless syncing of transaction requests between your SSP Wallet and SSP Key and provides notification servies to your SSP Key. No sensitive information is ever sent to SSP Relay. It is entirely open source and you can run your own instance of SSP Relay if you wish.

Yes! SSP fully supports transaction replacement by Replace-By-Fee (RBF). If your transaction is underpriced and not getting mined, you can simply bump the fee. Moreover you can even change the receiver and amount! Granted that the overall fee and fee per vByte is higher than previous transaction. RBF is not guaranteed by blockchain and transaction replacement might fail and some blockchains do not support RBF.

Every transaction on blockchain requires a blockchain network fee. This fee goes to miners, block creators. SSP has zero fees! Fees on blockchains such as Bitcoin tend to be very expensive reaching tens of USD per transaction. SSP uses automatic fees for transactions favoring fast transaction confirmation. Sofisticated picking of UTXOs ensures optimal inputs composition for entire SSP wallet and transaction size. You can change fee to manual if you wish however use with caution.

Blockchains have limitations in terms of transaction sizes in Bytes. Transactions that require lots of UTXOs to be constructed may exceed this transaction size limits. This is especially noticable for miners who should resend between their wallets and thus consolidate their UTXOs first before attempting to send large amounts.

Absolutely! SSP supports Flux Nodes operation in seamless manner - there are already millions of Flux locked in SSP powered Flux Nodes. Navigate to Nodes tab and set your node up! Needless to say, Fusion for SSP is in development and will arrive soon.

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